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Stonemason for nearly 30 years, our expertise is passed on from father to son in the making of granit, stone and marble. Located at Saint Léger Sous Brienne in the Aube area (10). 30 minutes from Troyes and 150 kms from Paris.

The Marbrerie Saint Christophe is specialized in decorative marble and all our achievements such as kitchen countertops, bathrooms and fireplaces are hand made and created according to your desires.

We work in Aube, Marne, Haute-Marne, Cote d'Or, Paris, in the rest of France, as requested and abroad for specific orders. Do not hesitate to contact us

Everyone's tastes are different, that's why we work on all the natural stone range of about 750 colors with different and amazing finishes.

Through our website, you will discover our work plans accomplishments granite bathrooms, fireplaces and terraces as well as a sampling of the most surprising colors with one than the other.

Marbrerie Saint Christophe is here, near you, for all your projects, even the wildest !!!.

Enjoy the visit !